Successful TONO/NORCODE Workshop

April 25, 2013
In April 2013 representatives from music CMOs from Barbados, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Vietnam were gathered in Oslo for a one week workshop on licensing of online media. The workshop was held at TONO.

The workshop covered subjects as; the new online music market, collective management in online media, digital services and online licensing of reproduction and performing rights, market strategies, communication and campaigns towards the digital market, legal aspects of international licensing and cross-border licensing. Members of the TONO and NORCODE staff gave presentations and monitored group works and discussions on the various topics. The workshop was very successful and inspiring both to the participants and the hosts, and has created a network which we hope will be widely used after the participants have returned to their home countries. The Norwegian State Radio, NRK P2, reported from the workshop on the morning news Thursday April 11th, including a beautiful song performed by the Vietnamese representative.



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