The COSON Music Week

May 24, 2013
COSON, the copyright society of Nigeria, celebrated COSON Music Week from May 19 through May 25. The society has had a rapid growth since the beginning of its operations three years ago. During the week a number of events took place, celebrating music and promoting copyright and related rights to the Nigerian Society.

NORCODE has for several years given support to COSON through training programmes and mentoring, and the Chair of the NORCODE Board, professor Helge Rønning, was invited to give the COSON lecture as part of the programme of the week. The event took place on May 20th in the National Theatre in Lagos, and was attended by the Norwegian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Rolf Ree, and several hundred members of COSON. Professor Rønning lectured on cultural and creative industries, their importance in the development of a society, and the role of a well functioning copyright system. An expert panel was invited to comment on the lecture, and the audience was invited to raise their questions and comments as well. The lecture was highly appreciated and initiated a lively and fruitful discussion.


After the lecture the Chairman of COSON, Chief Tony Okoroji, expressed COSON´s sincere thanks to professor Rønning, and presented a plaque to Norcode "In recognition and appreciation of the tremendous work being done by the organization in the development of collective management of copyright in diverse countries in the developing world and particularly in Nigeria."   For further information on the activities of COSON see;



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