Successful Workshops in Accra, Ghana

May 22, 2013
In cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, and the Copyright Administator of Ghana, NORCODE hosted two workshops for audio-visual rightsholders in Ghana, 16 and 17 May 2013.
Copyright Administrator Yaa Attafua, Chair of ARSOG Richard Prempeh, WIPO representative Tarja Koskinen-Olsson, Deputy Minister Dzifa Abla Gomashie og Managing Director NORCODE Frode Løvik.

The Audio Visual Rights Society of Ghana, ARSOG, started its operations in December 2011 and is presently in its initial stage, planning for the first Annual General Meeting to be held by the end of this year. The first workshop was held for the Board of ARSOG, and the second for audiovisual rightsholders in Ghana. The latter was attended by more than 100 people and concluded with an updated roadmap for the organization, identifying and prioritizing the focus areas for the coming months. Both workshops were moderated by Ms. Tarja Koskinen-Olsson, representing WIPO. Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts in Ghana, Ms. Dzifa Abla Gomashie took part in the opening of the second workshop. She is a former actress, and expressed a special support for a successful development of a collective management organization for the rightsholders in the audio-visual sector.



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