New licensing system in Nepal

December 23, 2016
On October 26th the Nepal Prime Ministers Office issued a directive, which makes it necessary to be able to show proof of payment of copyright royalties for businesses to receive public authorization.


Left to right: Chairman Suresh Chandra Adhikari MRCSN, President Hemant Sharma PSN, Chairman Nirmal Dhakal MPSN


On October 26th 2016 the Nepal Prime Ministers Office issued a directive instructing the ministries of Culture, Aviation, Home, Transportation and Industry to introduce a mandatory licensing system to the effect that no public authorization can be issued unless proof of payment of copyright royalties are presented. This includes taxis, hotels, radio stations etc. The Music Royalty Collection Society of Nepal (MRCSN), Performers Society of Nepal (PSN) and Music Producers Society of Nepal (PRSN) signed a joint statement of cooperation on November 13th 2016 to establish the procedures so that the first payments according to the new procedures could take place no later that July 2017.



This is a result of the three CMOs' common goal to become self-sufficient and to introduce proper nationwide licensing procedures. With help from NORCODE the CMOs together with the Copyright Registrar are developing systems that will eventually become a sustainable and stable infrastructure for licensing and distribution in Nepal.



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