Harare Workshop 2016

November 30, 2016
From 8-10 November, CISAC, ARIPO and NORCODE partnered to provide digital licensing and documentation training in Harare for 22 participants representing 15 African societies.

aripo workshop participants



The workshop objectives included to facilitate mass consumption of copyright content and consumer access to content in a new media and online environment as well as developing industry-specific licensing schemes for new media and online exploitation and documentation.


Another outcome of the workshop was a call for increased collaboration between CMOs to enable sharing key lessons and information to improve operations in digital licensing and documentation. Committees were set up to spearhead collaboration efforts and will collaborate closely with CISAC, ARIPO and NORCODE.


The resource experts included Maureen Fondo, PRISK Information Technology Officer Samuel Momanyi, CAPASSO Business Affairs Manager Wiseman Ngubo, TONO Director of Online Media, Broadcast & International Licensing Inger Elise Mey, NORCODE Managing Director Inger Dirdal, CISAC Director of Business Standards & Rules Sylvain Piat, and external consultant Rob Hooijer.



Summary of an article by Lawrence Hoba.


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