Mentor project – COSON and TONO

In 2012 Norcode established a pilot project on mentoring between Norway's Performing Rights Society TONO and the Copyright Society of Nigeria, COSON.

The General Manager of COSON, Chinedu Angus Chukwuji, had Inger Elise Mey from Norwegian TONO as his tutor in the 2011 WIPO-Norcode training. This tutoring initiated a pilot project on mentoring. Inger Elise Mey was officially appointed as mentor in the beginning of 2012. Through monthly Skype conversations, the project has been focusing on specific issues related to distribution of remuneration. It has been a successful project for both parts and it has given Norcode useful experience and inspiration to identify and establish other similar mentor relations.


GM of COSON, Chinedu Angus Chukwuji, expressed his experiences with the mentor project in this way:

Each day of the calls, is always eagerly anticipated as I'm always assured of receiving some form of direction, answer or advice on a current matter.


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